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The Cybathlon Symposium will feature six keynote lectures related to the six disciplines of the Cybathlon, as well as short presentations and posters from junior scientists. The event will conclude with a roundtable discussion on the potential and challenges of assistive technology, followed by an apéro riche.

Time Preliminary Cybathlon Symposium Programme
08.00–09.00 Registration and poster setup
09.00–09.10 Welcome address


Hugh Herr, PhD

Leg Prosthetics

09.50–10.10 Louis Flynn and Sasha Blue Godfrey; Short talks 1 & 2
10.10–10.50 Coffee break & poster session
10.50–11.30 Jon Sensinger, PhD (U New Brunswick)
Arm Prosthetics

Michael Goldfarb, PhD (Vanderbilt U)


12.10–12.30 Amber Emmens and Arun Jayaraman; Short talks 3 & 4
12.30–14.30 Lunch break & poster session

Ronald J. Triolo
, PhD (Case Western U)

Functional Electrical Stimulation

15.10–15.50 José del R. Millán
, PhD (EPFL)
Brain-Computer Interfaces
15.50–16.10 Juliana Guimarães and Karina Statthaler; Short talks 5 & 6
16.10–16.50 Coffe break & poster session
16.50–17.10 Marcello Ienca and Shuro Nakajima; Short talks 7 & 8

Rory A. Cooper, PhD (U Pittsburgh)

Powered Wheelchairs

17.50–18.30 Podium discussion
18.30–20.00 Apéro riche
19.30–21.30 PluSport Exhibition "From Captain Hook to Iron Man"

The titles of the keynotes and short talks can be found here.

The symposium booklet (including detailed programme) is available for download here (PDF, 4.5 MB).

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